Some of our latest projects

Central YMCA

Three unique spaces were envisioned by YMCA and the main contractor, Bentley Rowe, who we have worked with succesfully in the past.

A yoga studio, a multi purpose studio space and a Les Mills 'The Trip' Studio.

 All were installed with high quality Bose speakers, The yoga studio having RMU108's and MB210 Bass Bins which were suspended from the ceiling.

The multi purpose studio had four Bose F1 Full range cabinets along with some bespoke wall LED feature panels manufactured by Bentley Rowe with GlobalAVS lighting installed, all controlled from a touch screen PC in the AV rack.

 The Les Mills 'The Trip' studio had four Bose RMU208's and a pair of Bose MB210 bass bins. A custom led pixel ceiling was installed and an ipad control system providing both manual and fully automated room control over audio, laser projector and lighting.

The entrance corridor to the spin studio was also lit using LED pixel tape along its entire length at both the ceiling and floor levels.

 A great project to be involved with, a very tight programme of 4 weeks to complete with handover taking place the day before Christmas Eve!

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