Some of our latest projects

All Saints Presbyterian Church - Newcastle

We were approached by the Church to provide a high quality audio system capable of dealing with the extremely challenging acoustic properties of the building, it being the only elliptical church remaining in the UK and at the time it was the most significant heritage project in the region.

The site meeting and survey was performed with an RT60 Reverberation time measured at just over 3 seconds. A significant challenge indeed. 

A further site visit with the technical team from Bose with their Panaray MSA12x Steerable column speakers proved successful and a full specification was then put together.

Due to the listed status of the building the mounting of the speakers and cabling proved to be difficult but a happy compromise was achieved with liaison with English Heritage.

The system comprises of two pairs of Bose MSA12x at the sides of the stage at the front, with the under gantry supplied by Bose RMU105's.

Sennheiser high quality microphones were used throughout.

Everyone involved with the project was very pleased with the end result. More phases for expansion are planned for the future.



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