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Nuffield Health - Cambridge

We have just completed an upgrade to an existing Spin Studio for a large leisure centre in Cambridgshire.

We upgraded the audio system to a Bose F1 Passive speaker system. 

The new scheme called for a fresh look at the ambience as the room was going to be entirely black, we complimented the feature walls with a ceiling led feature utisilising LED pixel strips.

The room is completely automated, when a class starts the lights are automatically turned off, the LED Ceiling Feature is turned on, the projector screen drops and teh projector is turned on.

Manual control of all elements is provided by a tablet which the instructor can use to control the music and microphone volumes, overide the projector and screen to allow the room to be used with a live instructor instead of the virtual instructor system and allows them to choose the lighting program that is running on the LED Ceiling.

All in all a fantastic result which is proving to be very popular with their customers.


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