Assisted Listening

An assistive listening device (ALD) is part of a system used to improve hearing ability for people in a variety of situations where they are unable to distinguish speech in noisy environments.

Often, in a noisy or crowded room it is almost impossible for an individual who is hard of hearing to distinguish one voice among many.
This is often exacerbated by the effect of room acoustics on the quality of perceived speech. Hearing aids are able to amplify and process these sounds, and improve the speech to noise ratio.

However, if the sound is too distorted by the time it reaches the listener, even the best hearing aids will struggle to unscramble the signal. Assistive listening devices offer a more adaptive alternative to hearing aids, but can be more complex and cumbersome.
We have a number of assisted listening devices available at our disposal such as traditional hearing loops, Infrared Transmission systems which required the user to wear a compatible neckband style receiver and to the latest in WiFi technologies we can broadcast multiple channels of audio over a WiFi network with the user using a smart phone or similar device with an App on.

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